Beakerhead brings people together at the crossroads of art, science and engineering.

Year-round programming culminates in a five-day citywide spectacle with more than 60 events centred around delightfully bizarre engineered installations and artworks.

Who should attend? Everyone! It doesn’t get any more inclusive than this. Social and cultural barriers, be gone.
145,000 people took part in 2017, with 2018 shaping up to be the biggest year yet!

Why? Because Creativity is Crucial.

When you throw open the doors to science and engineering through a welcoming world of art and entertainment, a lot can happen. Beakerhead’s core purpose as a charity leads to outcomes that are important to individuals and society:

  • You can reach your full potential, drawing on both your creative and rational abilities
  • Ingenuity abounds when you undo the streaming that we all experienced in school. Now you can be a “creative type” and think math is handy
  • Student can reach their full potential and learn by doing
  • The public experiences an increased affinity for science, engineering and art by the inclusive nature of Beakerhead
  • Barriers between people and sectors of society are dismantled
  • An economy is built on appreciation of diversity

Most importantly, Beakerhead instigates action! You can’t tell if you’re on the right path when you’re standing still.

Beakerhead is a registered charity whose mandate is to advance education at the crossroads of art, science and engineering.

About Beakerhead’s core values:

Beakerhead is honoured to be a platform for projects led by members of the community from all cultures.

When Canada150 funding was received to tell the story of the ups and downs of human ingenuity, Beakerhead embarked on a project that would embody hope. Beakerhead did not celebrate the arrival of settlers 150 years ago and the beginning of the near devastation of people that had lived here for thousands of years. Instead, in consultation with members of Indigenous community, it told a science story that is about human beings, not colonial history.

It is with a great deal of joy and respect that we stand behind the projects that make up Beakerhead. They are developed by Indigenous and non-Indigenous teams coming together, finding a new space between art and engineering, where everyone, of all cultures, genders and ages, feels welcome.

A Spectacle of Art, Science, Engineering. Open to All.

Board of Directors

Derrick Hunter
President, Bluesky Equities Ltd

Jay Ingram 
Co-founder, Beakerhead

Jennifer Martin
CEO Advisor, Strategy+Leadership

Ross Middleton (Chair)
Managing Partner, Boston Consulting Group Calgary

Ravinder Minhas
Co-owner, Minhas Brewery and Distillery

Mary Anne Moser 
Beakerhead Co-Founder, President and CEO, Telus Spark

Stuart O’Conner
Owner, Timber Ridge Capital